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About Untold Press

There are an infinite number of stories, most of them remain unheard.

No tale should ever remain untold.


We are a pair of authors dedicated to sharing these tales. Thus began Untold Press LLC. A US company (based out of Florida) with Canadian parts.

Untold Press does not publish many books a year. We pride ourselves on publishing works which are exceptionally edited, formatted, and have gorgeous covers!

Interested in Submitting to Untold Press?

  • Contract terms are normally for 4 years, English language, ebook and print, 50% net royalties
  • We work one on one with authors in all aspects of the publishing process
  • A blog tour and giveaway are provided for new releases
  • We offer free graphic services (making of banners, ads, bookmark images, sell sheets etc)
  • We work with authors on their marketing strategies, helping find sites, bloggers, reviewers etc and are open to having sales, giveaways and promotions. Some ads are paid for by us.
  • Have questions? Please feel free to email us! admin@untoldpress.com

See our Call for Submissions page to see what and if we are currently accepting.

The Untold Press Staff:


Jen Wylie and Sean Hayden.

Both avid readers from an early age and a bit OCD with errors. Both also previously editors for Echelon Press. Jen has a BA from Queens University.

Lynn Vroman

Our newest addition to the team, Lynn has a degree in English Literature.


Donna, Angela, Lynn, and Erin + others


Beastie Books


Cover Design:

 Beastie Books


Artist Jennie Gyllblad has painted the covers for The Lady Astronomer and Memento Mori.


Jen Wylie

Angela McPherson






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