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New Release! Your Soul to Take by Sean Hayden YA Paranormal Romance


Your Soul to Take by Sean Hayden

Published July 12 2014

Series: Book 2 of Rise of the Fallen

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

EBook Price: 3.99 Available at [Amazon][Smashwords]

Print Price: 12.99 Available at [Createspace]

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You know your life sucks when your sister’s a vampire, you’re a demon, and your girlfriend is literally an angel.
How could it possibly be any worse? Try having something ripping the souls out of your friends, ending up with a psychotic stalker, and having romantic urges for your best friend who also happens to be your demon mentor. Nobody ever said life was easy, but things went from bad to worse faster than you can say, “I sold my soul for a bag of Cheetos.”
Just to add insult to injury, the Fallen have decided to give me a new job. While being a Reaper might sound good on a resume, ripping the souls from monsters isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure what the Fallen have planned for me. All I do know is if they don’t get my wildly powerful magic under control and teach me how to stay alive when everybody wants to kick my butt…all hell could break loose. Literally.

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