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New Acquisition: The Pairing by Lynn Vroman

Untold Press is pleased to acquire The Pairing, an Energy Series prequel novella, by Lynn Vroman.

Watch for it coming in 2016!

The Pairing

To be Exemplian is an honor.

The privilege: You never die.

The burden: You never die.

As the Protectors and Guides of human energy-souls-across all worlds, Exemplians are responsible to ensure life flows effortlessly throughout the universe. The task is dangerous, at times deadly, but death doesn’t matter in Exemplar. Scientists have the knowledge to bring their citizens back younger and stronger than they were before passing.

For Exemplians, death is easy. Rebirth is harder.

Tarek Montigue, an Exemplian Protector, has recently experienced his first rebirth. He’s no longer over two centuries old. Scientists have turned back time, strengthened his body. Now, he looks eighteen again; his body feels eighteen again. Physically, he’s fit to serve, able to live another cycle as a privileged drone in Exemplar.

But his mind…the blackness that comes from rebirth is as dark and deep as rumors claim.

As he tries to cope, news has spread that a new energy, a new life, is born. A happening so rare in Exemplar that it has become the only miracle science has yet to destroy. New life is a drug, an instant elixir to those who have lived too long and for too many lives.

The new life? A Guide. And every Guide needs a Protector. When Tarek is deemed the perfect match for Lena, the new energy, the honor begins to heal him.

An honor that could possibly destroy him, too.

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