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Coming Soon: Broken Kei by Jen Wylie

It’s almost here!

Coming soon (finally) is book four of The Broken Ones by Jen Wylie.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the release date and more!

Broken Kei

The time has come.

Aro and Kei must head to the Were forests to heal the Fey. As always, obstacles stand in their path. This time it is not just others between them and their goal, but themselves.

Kei is a battered and broken shell of who he once was. Aro still struggles with her addiction to riath and dealing with all the losses in her life. Now she needs to find a way save Kei from himself before it’s too late. To face the trials to come and heal her friend, she must to learn to trust and rely on others, even enemies.

She will need to learn and grow stronger to survive the forest. Healing the wild Fey will be dangerous itself never mind the forests which are anything but safe. With relationships that are tenuous at best and the Vor growing in numbers, mistakes are now deadly, especially when everything is falling apart.

To survive, she needs to protect those she loves while protecting her own heart as well. With the help of a broken Fey, a pirate, and a crazy elf, anything is possible…


The Broken Ones series is available on Amazon and is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Get started or catch up today!  Click–> Jen Wylie’s Amazon Page

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