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New Acquisition: Trial Run by Rachel A. Brune

Untold Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new Rick Keller story from Rachel A. Brune.

Trial Run is a novella, which takes place after the recently released Vegas Run.

Trial Run by Rachel A. Brune

Release Date: November 23 2018

Series: The Rick Keller Project

Urban Fantasy

MONIKER may be history, but the shadowy men behind the agency have not given up their efforts to create the perfect supernatural weapon.

After a surprise attack obliterates Rick Keller’s latest sanctuary–and puts the lives of his best friend’s family in the cross hairs–the formerly retired werewolf makes a deal with powerful friends.

They will protect his loved ones, and in turn, he will take down a remote desert facility that has once again begun the process of turning humans into unstoppable soldiers. War is coming, and Rick Keller is back on the run.

While you’re waiting… check out Vegas Run!

Vegas Run by Rachel A. Brune

Release Date: Oct 31, 2018

Ebook Price: 3.99

Available for Pre-Order on [Amazon]

Series: Book 2 of The Rick Keller Project

Shifter Urban Fantasy


Retirement is not working out for Rick Keller.

Betrayed by a friend. Tortured by the agency he used to work for. A debt called in by an old adversary.

While Rick has been hiding in the north country, MONIKER has been building a supernatural army. This time when they call him in, they don’t need an agent — they’re eliminating the competition. No matter how fast or far he runs, it won’t be enough.

So this time, he’s going to burn them to the ground.

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