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Available Now! Fourth Rite by Jacquelyn Faye Lovin’ the Coven #4 #RH #Whychoose

Fourth Rite by Jacquelyn Faye

Release Date: March 22 2019

Series: Lovin’ the Coven

EBook Price 3.99 Free with Kindle Unlimited

Available on [Amazon]

Adult Romance, Reverse Harem, Paranormal

There are two things you should always remember about elves. One, they never miss. Two, they never give up.

I thought I was safe when my familiar stopped the arrow from turning me into a kabob, but as I said, elves don’t give up. Especially when they think you destroyed their city and killed their king in some grandiose quest for power.

They didn’t know me very well.

He may not have believed me, but he believed the goddess when she showed up to proclaim my innocence. Unfortunately for him, she turned him into my full-time body guard. I should have been grateful, I should have been happy I had another hottie keeping me from getting dead. I should have been a lot of things, but all of them would have been easier if he and I got along better than nitro and glycerin. Did I mention the third thing you should always remember about elves? They’re kind of stuck-up jerks with pointy ears and nice butts.

Now, my body-guard and I get to travel to Faerie to convince the royal family of my innocence. Sounds fun, right? Try telling your boyfriends that they aren’t invited…

Fourth Rite is an adult novel intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic language and sexual situations. 18+ readers only! This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose?

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