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Fifth Essence by Jacquelyn Faye Available now!

Fifth Essence by Jacquelyn Faye

Release Date: April 23 2019

Ebook 3.99

Available on [Amazon]

Series: Lovin’ the Coven bk 5

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Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

Want to know my secret? Probably not as much as I do.

It seems like everybody knows what the hell I am but me.

Apparently, I’m only half the witch I thought I was. Literally. I’d spent my entire life thinking my father was a witch like my mother. I should have known better. Nobody could be that big of a witch. Now, to figure out who and what he is, I get to travel the known realms in search of answers. Unfortunately, sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

Answers are never easy, especially when the entire universe is working against you. The angels want to stop me, my mother loves to play stupid (it’s a natural talent in this family), and the ones who do want to help me end up passing out whenever they try to clue me in. It’s driving me insane. Insane to the point of becoming a jealous, sarcastic, obnoxious pain in the ass. Okay, maybe that’s just normal me, but the secrets aren’t helping any, either.

But now I have goals, and goals are good. Find my elf and find my father. A witch has to start somewhere, and maybe if I find them, I’ll find me.

Fifth Essence is an adult novel intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic language and sexual situations. 18+ readers only! This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose?

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