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Saga’s War by J.A. Campbell now out!

Saga’s War by J. A. Campbell
Release Date: July 29, 2020
Series: Final Book Legends of the Travelers
Ebook Price 3.99 Free on Kindle Unlimited
Available on [Amazon]
YA Fantasy

With Saga finally reunited with her people, she learns the crystal parasite can be destroyed, giving her hope to free her partner’s race. Jarl’s people, the Vanier, have no idea that they are being controlled by the parasitic crystal that enhances their magical abilities. However, Saga must figure out a way to convince Jarl of the crystal’s evil.

Jarl, meanwhile, is still mourning Saga’s loss. With hopes to change the way the Vanier treat Travelers, he finds himself at odds with his people on the eve of his betrothal. He must make a decision. Will he fall from grace or become a traitor to himself and his beliefs?

Can Saga and Jarl find a way to bring about the end of a war? Or will they be forced to watch as the destruction unfolds?

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