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New Acquisition- Jarl by J.A. Campbell

Untold Press is happy to acquire the second book in J.A. Campbell’s Legends of the Travelers series. Book two, Jarl, will be released in June 2016. Together Saga and Jarl managed to survive their years at school, guarding their secrets from even their closest friends. When Jarl graduates as a full mage and Saga becomes a weapons master, it is… (more…)

Cover Reveal: Dora’s Jinx by Boom Baumgartner

Untold Press is thrilled to present the Cover Reveal of DORA’S JINX by Boom Baumgartner, our newest author here at Untold Press. Want to receive book releases, giveaways, and other exciting news first? Then, sign up for our newsletter today! Also, be sure to visit our website to discover more Untold Press books. Now, on to the exciting reveal! Dora’s… (more…)

Coming Soon: Summer Break Blues by J.A. Campbell

Untold Press is excited to re-release J.A. Campbell’s second book in The Clanless series. Summer Break  Blues will be available soon! Watch for the 3rd and final book, Freshman Year Freaks, coming early next year. Summer Break Blues I survived my senior year of high school despite being turned into a vampire. Summer break should be a snap. No getting… (more…)

New Acquisition: Energy Reborn by Lynn Vroman

Untold Press is thrilled to acquire the 4th and final book in Lynn Vroman’s exciting Energy series. You won’t want to miss this thrilling, heart wrenching final book! Energy Reborn After the trauma from their final battle with Exemplar, Tarek is certain Lena is better off without him. She deserves a life without the baggage he carries. She deserves someone…real.… (more…)