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Dakota Brown

Dakota has two passions in life: writing and cinnamon tea. Tea so strong she ought to be able to see her future when she drinks it, and the writing? Well she hopes it makes you see stars when you read it. She creates reverse harem romance novels filled with things that go bump in the night. That handsome werewolf walking down the street? The suave vampire you’re just dying to get a taste of? You’ll find them enraptured by charming, smart ladies ready to make those bad boys work for their affection. When not writing, Dakota can be found on the back of a horse out on the trail or tending the animals on her farm.

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Books with Untold Press:

Mountain Magic Reverse Harem Trilogy (complete)


Demon’s Touch


Ocean Enchantment Trilogy

Siren’s Catch

Siren’s Song

Siren’s Storm-Coming soon!

The Pizza Shop Exorcist

The Price of Possession

The Price of Exorcism

The Price of Magic

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