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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you answer isn’t here, please feel free to email us! admin (at) untoldpress.com

Q. Do you only accept work from authors with agents?

A. You do NOT need an agent to submit to us. If you do have one, you’re welcome to submit as well.

Q. I’ve never been published before. Can I submit to you?

A. Yes! We love discovering new authors!

Q. I’m almost done my book! Can I submit to you?

A. Of course… once you are finished. We will only look at completed works.

Q. Do I have to hire an editor to go over my work before I submit to you?

A. No. We have editors. However, we do suggest you go through your work a few times yourself, or have some friends or Beta readers go over it. A book with numerous spelling and grammar errors an author could easily catch will quickly lose our interest.

Q. How much does it cost for me to be published with Untold Press?

A. Nothing. We do not charge you for any process of publishing your work (including, but not limited to; editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design etc.)

Q. I emailed you but haven’t heard back. What should I do?

A. If you submitted to us we usually send a confirmation email within a weeks time. If you did not receive this, first check your spam folder. Response to submissions can take a few weeks or longer. For Anthology calls, we often wait until near or after the deadline to choose the stories. If you emailed a question you should have heard from us with a few days. You are welcome to email us again to see if we got your email. Sometimes emails get lost in the internet, if you haven’t heard back please feel free to email again.

Q. What are your contract terms?

A. For a novel, our contracts are for 4 years for world wide English language for ebook and print. Royalties are 50% of net for both.

Q. How long does it take my book to be published?

A. This depends on a number of factors, mainly our release schedule, edits needed etc. It is normally under one year.


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