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Jacquelyn Faye

Jacquelyn Faye

A late comer to the writing game, Jacquelyn had always been a fan of romance novels and lately become addicted to the reverse harem category. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t? Sitting alone one night she flipped open her laptop and said, “I’m going to give this a whirl.” And thus, the Lovin’ the Coven series was given life. She has designs on other series as well, but only time shall tell.

As for her, she is five-foot-something, with graying hair, wicked eyes, an eager smile, and an annoying laugh. She lives at home with her dog, a cat, and that is about all she is comfortable sharing.

Connect with Jackie:  [Facebook] [Twitter][Amazon Author Page]

Books with Untold Press:

Lovin’ the Coven Reverse Harem Series

First Moon

Second Blood

Third Charm

Fourth Rite

Fifth Essence

Six Sense (Coming Soon!)

Seventh Seal (Coming Soon!)

The Fox and the Hound Reverse Harem Trilogy

A Tail of Woah

A Tail of Two Kitties (Coming Soon!)

The Tell Tail Heart (Coming Soon!)

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