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Seventh Seal by Jacquelyn Faye

Release date: July 1 2020

Series: Final book of Lovin’ the Coven

Ebook price 4.99 or Free on KU

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Reverse Harem Romance

May you live in interesting times. I’m not quite sure who said it, but I’d sure as hell like to find him and beat him in the head with a shovel. One thing about Cedar Falls…it was definitely interesting. I’d have settled for boring. Maybe even dull with a smidge of mediocrity. I guess I had nobody to blame but myself.
That’s what happens when your mother is the biggest witch, and I mean that literally, on the planet, your father is the god of night, and you’re something in between. Something that keeps getting stronger. Something you can’t always control. Something that raises the dead from their rest, makes vampires think you’re a monster, and drives angels into punishing you for breaking rules you didn’t even knew existed. Sometimes life just wasn’t fair.
Ask my father. He’d been imprisoned for ninety years just for having a daughter. I mean, if sleeping with my mother wasn’t punishment enough, they had to throw him into the deepest pit in the deepest hell with no chance of parole. I was his only hope, but unless I got a handle on my powers…he might just have to settle for a cellmate.
The Lovin’ the Coven series are intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! They contain graphic language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses. M/M themes begin in book 4. This is the final book in the series!

Saga’s War by J. A. Campbell

Release Date: Spring 2020

Series: Final Book Legends of the Travelers

YA Fantasy

With Saga finally reunited with her people, she learns the crystal parasite can be destroyed, giving her hope to free her partner’s race. Jarl’s people, the Vanier, have no idea that they are being controlled by the parasitic crystal that enhances their magical abilities. However, Saga must figure out a way to convince Jarl of the crystal’s evil.

Jarl, meanwhile, is still mourning Saga’s loss. With hopes to change the way the Vanier treat Travelers, he finds himself at odds with his people on the eve of his betrothal. He must make a decision. Will he fall from grace or become a traitor to himself and his beliefs?

Can Saga and Jarl find a way to bring about the end of a war? Or will they be forced to watch as the destruction unfolds?

Watch for what else is coming in 2020!

From Jacquelyn Faye: Seventh Seal: Final book in Lovin’ the Coven! The Tell Tail Heart: Final book in The Fox and the Hound  Trilogy.

From Dakota Brown: Book 2 and 3 of her Mountain Magic trilogy.

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