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Second Blood by Jacquelyn Faye

Release Date: Feb 1 2019

Series: Lovin’ the Coven

Price: 3.99 Free with Kindle Unlimited

Available for Pre-Order on [Amazon]

Reverse Harem. Paranormal Romance


Nothing can turn your world upside down faster than someone asking for your help.
When I answered my door, the last thing I expected was a vampire. I probably should have asked before I invited him in. But what’s done is done. He wasn’t looking for his next meal, he was looking for a savior. His clan was being hunted by rogue witches out for their blood and we were all that could save them.
Me, being me, jumped right in to be the hero. The rest of the clan thought I was insane for wanting to help vampires. Especially the chief of police, who just happens to be one of my lovers. He wasn’t exactly wrong either. I should have known they would shift their sights from the vampires to us.
What’s a witch to do? Save the clan, save the coven, and save the day. Couple’s therapy could come later. If we all survive…

Second Blood is an adult novel intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic language and sexual situations. 18+ readers only! This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose?



My Soul to Give by Sean Hayden

Release Date: 2019

Series: Rise of the Fallen (3rd final book)

Coming soon to Amazon


My name is Connor Sullivan and my life sucks…

Christmas, the season of giving. What could be better than finding the perfect job to buy your girlfriend the perfect gift for the joyous season? How about being hunted by angels, teased by Lucifer, and having your sister turn into a bigger monster than she already was? How does that sound? Not very joyous, if you ask me.

I should have known things were going to get worse the moment they got better. That’s just the way my life works. Overcome one problem and twelve more show up. My biggest problem just happens to have white fluffy wings, wants my girlfriend to be their leader, and my head on a sharp stick. They even went so far as to start killing the humans who had taken our side. What a bunch of butt nuggets.

Now, it’s up to me to rescue her, stop the killings, and invade the angel’s utopia while figuring out who the real mastermind behind it all is. Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it.


Girlfiend by Sean Hayden

Release Date: 2019

Series: Stand alone

Coming soon to Amazon

My mother and I moved from Chicago to a small town in Pennsylvania to get away from our problems. Unbeknownst to her, we were running toward fifty more.

You go through high school, minding your own business, just trying to survive. That’s what most of us do, anyway. Study, keep your head low, and try not to stick out. So what are the odds that someone like me could catch the eye of the hottest damn girl in school? Pretty damn good, apparently.

Sure, she’s gorgeous. So what if she’s a little strange? It’s not her fault everybody avoids her like the plague. Maybe they’re just afraid she’ll gut them and dance in their entrails. Especially when the people who piss her off start dying…

Dating a demon probably wasn’t the brightest decision I’ve ever made, but I wouldn’t change it, or her, for the world. Or even hell.


Watch for what else is coming in 2019!

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From Jen Wylie: Sweet Light


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